Calcutta HC allows WB Govt to file affidavit on Post-Poll Violence NHRC report

  • The Calcutta High Court on Thursday permitted the Bengal administration to file an affidavit against a report on violence presented by a committee established by the National Human Rights Commission following the May 2 vote counting.

  • On Thursday, when the matter was heard by a five-judge high court bench, advocate-general Kishore Datta said the state government sought to file an affidavit against the NHRC panel's report, which the court allowed. The court gave the government until Monday to file the document and set a new hearing date on July 28.

  • The NHRC chairperson had formed an eight-member delegation to examine the homes of suspected post-poll violence victims in response to a previous court decision.

  • The government was accused of inactivity in the report provided to the court, and several Trinamul leaders, including a minister, were blamed for the violence.

  • The charges were rejected by the government and Trinamul, who said the report was politically motivated.


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