Buildings Collapsed & Streets Flooded With Water As Earthquake-Tsunami Hit Turkey & Greece

  • A massive earthquake of 7.0 magnitude has hit Turkey and Greece which has caused many building to collapse.

  • Casualties are not yet confirmed but according to the media, at least 4 people have died and more than 150 people have been injured.

  • A bigger wave is expected.

  • According to Turkey’s Disaster & Emergency Management Presidency, the epicenter of the earthquake lies in the Aegean Sea at the depth of 16.5 Kilometers, 17 kilometers away from Turkey’s Izmir province.

  • The sky is full of dust as many buildings have reportedly collapsed. The people in the islands have fled their homes.

  • The earthquake has caused the sea-level to rise. A warning against tsunami has been released by the Turkey government as the streets have already been flooded with water from the nearby sea.

  • The government and disaster management teams have started evacuating people from the areas nearer to the sea. Turkey and Greece are the worst affected countries.


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