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BS Mann recuses himself from the farm bill committee

  • Two days after the Supreme Court formed a 4 member review committee in order to prepare a detailed report so as to aid the Supreme Court in delivering a judgment on multiple petitions regarding farm bills, Bhupinder Singh Mann, BKU president and a member of the committee issued a press note and recused himself from the committee.

  • Mann, who is also the president of BKU and a former Rajya Sabha member has went on-record in support of the farm bills. However in a turn of events Mann said that he will always stand by the farmers and was ready to sacrifice any position to in order to secure farmers interest.

  • Notably, the review committee was set to meet within 10 days after the Supreme Court gave its judgement and submit a report by March. However farm unions have refused to appear before any committee. More than a hundred of farmers have died since November 26.

Source- The Times of India