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BREAKING: Russia invades Ukraine

  • In a televised address early Thursday, Putin announced military action in Donbas and urged Ukrainian forces to lay down their arms and return home. He said that the military action was being launched in response to threats coming from Ukraine, AP reported

  • e said Russia doesn’t intend to occupy Ukraine but will move to demilitarize it and bring those who committed crimes to justice. Putin also accused the US and NATO of ignoring Russia’s demands to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

  • Further Martial law has been imposed in Ukraine and Ukraine has passed a law allowing citizens to join the territorial army and pick up weapons in self-defence

  • The Foreign Minister of Ukraine said that Ukraine will fight and win the war. Sirens couldn't be heard around Independence Sqaure

  • Troops from Belarus have also been reportedly aiding the Russian invasion. A missile attack has killed 7 and wounded 9 in Ukraine