BREAKING: Pro-Trump supporters attack the Capitol

  • In a major act of violence, the Trump supporters in the United States of America attacked the Capitol building and disrupted the electoral count on Wednesday, after outgoing President Donald Trump addressed his supporters and refused to concede defeat.

  • Hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters entered the Capitol building on Wednesday in order to stop and disrupt the electoral count. The lawmakers in the Capitol were evacuated immediately.

  • In this confrontation, at least one woman has been reported dead by the police and the Police have also claimed to disarm and seize explosive devices. The police declared to have the situation under control and the Capitol as safe after 4 hours the violence.

  • Trump's Twitter account was locked for 12 hours from stopping him to make any baseless claims. Facebook and Instagram also claimed to have locked the his account for 24 hours.

  • Joe Biden who is the President-Elect, termed it as an ‘insurrection’ and said that this is not what America stands for.


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