BREAKING: Centre extends AFSPA implementation in Nagaland. Find all details

  • In an unexpected chain of events, the Centre has extended the controversial law AFSPA, which gave extended powers to the Army, in the state of Nagaland by another six months.

  • The Armed Forces (Special) Powers Act, or AFSPA, gives immense powers to the military to operate freely anywhere that has been declared a "disturbed area"; no military personnel in an area where AFSPA is in force can be prosecuted without the centre's sanction.

  • After the December 4 killings by the Army in a case of mistaken identity, there had been strong protests demands against the removal of the controversial law from the state.

  • On December 20, the Nagaland assembly unanimously resolved to demand a repeal of AFSPA from the northeast, especially the state. A five-member committee has been formed under top bureaucrat Vivek Joshi to examine the possibility of withdrawal of AFSPA from Nagaland.


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