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Body of activist reported missing found in park in Belarus

• The police stated that the body of Belarusian activist was found in a park near his home a day after he was reported missing.

• Vitaly Shishov lived in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and led an organization that helped Belarusians fleeing prosecution.

• He has been initially reported missing on Monday by his partner after he failed to return home from a run.

• His body was found hanging in the park.

• Ukrainian police stated, “Belarusian citizen Vitaly Shishov, who disappeared yesterday in Kyiv, was found hanging today in one of Kyiv’s parks, not far from his pace of residence.”

• The police are said to have launched a criminal case for suspected murder.

• A friend of Shishov stated that Shishov had been followed by strangers while he was on his jog recently.


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