BJP youth leader arrested for possession of Cocaine

  • BJP Leader Pamela Goswami was arrested by police for possession of 100 grams of cocaine.

  • Pamela Goswami is the General secretary of BJP’s West Bengal Yuva Morcha. Ms. Goswami was arrested by the police in New Alipore area after Police swooped down on her. Her friend and colleague in the Yuva Morcha - Prabir Kumar Dey - who was in the car was also arrested. The police found the drugs in her purse which was hidden under her car’s driving seat.

  • Ms Goswami is believed to have worked as an air hostess, a model and TV serial actor before she joined the BJP in 2019. She was later appointed Yuva Morcha General Secretary and Yuva Morcha observer for Hooghly district.

  • The arrest becomes important in view of the coming state Assembly elections and heated contests between BJP and TMC. Several TMC leaders lashed out at BJP after this incident, for its unethical practices and corrupt nature.


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