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BJP wins Chandigarh Mayoral elections by 1 vote; AAP alleges illegal election

  • The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) alleged illegally election of the Chandigarh Mayor's post after BJP's mayoral candidate Sarabjit Kaur was elected to the post.

  • Both BJP's candidate and AAP's Anju Katyal polled 14 of 28 polled votes but the former was declared the winner after one vote in favour Anju Katyal was ruled to be invalid.

  • The party termed it as the death of democracy and a mockery being made out of the sacrosanct concept of democracy. AAP's Jarnail Singh states, "Congress councillors directly joined BJP after BJP witnessed reduced number of seats. Even after that, BJP took help from the bureaucracy when the votes turned out to be low in number. It is an attempt of killing democracy by misrepresenting right votes."

  • Initially, AAP had won 14 seats, while BJP had won 12. BJP's numbers increased to 14 after 2 winning candidates from Congress joined BJP. With both parties having 14 seats, there was a hung house until AAP's one seat was declared invalid.