BJP sweeps Tripura polls, TMC makes inroads

  • The Bhartiya Janata Party secured a landslide victory in the Tripura civic polls after securing 329 seats in the local urban bodies.

  • The former ruling party, CPM won seats in Dhalai district, Panisagar Nagar Panchayat and Kailashahar Municipal Council. However, the landslide victory is followed by TMC securing the second spot with more than twenty percent of the votes. TMC has targeted to secure power in the 2023 Assembly polls in the state.

  • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi followed by BJP chief JP Nadda has congratulated and applauded the BJP Karyakartas for the victory. The TMC also congratulated and thanked the people of Tripura after they became the principal opposition party.

  • The elections have been viewed as an attempt by the TMC to make inroads in a Bengali-majority state.

  • The opposition parties have blamed the ruling party for pre-poll violence with many demanding re-polling in some municipalities. The poll gives both the ruling and opposition parties to assess their positions before the 2023 Assembly elections.


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