BJP's Himant Biswa banned from campaigning over threat remarks

  • Assam minister and senior BJP leader Hemant Biswa Sarma was banned by the Election Commission from campaigning for 48 hours, ahead of the last phase of voting in the state assembly elections, scheduled for Tuesday.

  • The decision was issues by the Election Commission in an order on late Friday night. This came following a complaint by Congress, which said that the minister had openly threatened Hagrama Mohilary of BPF (Bodoland People's Front), a Congress ally, to be jailed by misusing the NIA.

  • Sarma is one of the main poll strategist of the BJP in Assam and has also been listed as the star campaigner of the party in the state.

  • The poll body had issues a showcause notice to Hemant Beswa on Thursday, to which he submitted a reply on early Friday. However, the explaination was not deemed satisfactory by the poll body.


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