BJP ruled Uttarakhand state government takes a u-turn on inter-faith marriages. Check out why

  • The Uttarakhand Government’s Social welfare department had recently passed an order to promote interfaith and inter caste marriages. The move aimed at incentivising people by giving them a sum of ₹50,000.

  • As per the order dated November 18, 2020, one of the persons being married should belong to the Scheduled Caste community to avail the state benefits. The order had stated that the concerned couple can avail the benefit by marrying in any of the certified temples, mosques or registering their marriage with the concerned department.

  • However the government faced criticism on social media and from the people of the state, accusing it of grooming ‘love jihad’ hence the order was subsequently withdrawn.

  • Many BJP rules states have declared that they would be soon bringing about a law that criminalises interfaith marriage and ‘love jihad.‘


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