BJP releases Bihar manifesto; free COVID-19 vaccine for all Bihar

  • The Bharatiya Janata Party on Thursday released it's manifesto for the upcoming Bihar assembly elections. The manifesto was released by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. It's key highlights of the manifesto titled 'PANCH SUTRA, EK LAKSHYA, 11 SANKALP" are-

  1. Once the vaccine for COVID-19 is available for production at a large scale, it will be available for all the people of Bihar for free. This is the first poll promise of the party.

  2. The party has also promised 19 lakh jobs in the state within the next one year, which the party has broken down into- 10 lakh jobs in agriculture linked sector, 5 lakh in IT jobs, 3 lakh teaching jobs and 1 lakh in health sector.

  3. It aims at establishing 15 new private and COMFED-based industries in the next 2 years.

  4. Micro-financing scheme to make 1 lakh women independent and self-reliant.

  5. It aspires in establishing Bihar as the next-gen IT Hub. Further, aspires at developing IT infrastructure in Patna and Rajgir.

  6. Tabs as awards for the achievements of meritorious students studying in class 9 or above.

  7. Establishing a Sports University and digital counselling centres.

  8. It aims at operationalising the Darbhanga AIIMS by 2024.

  9. Promises houses for 30 lakh people in rural and urban areas.

  10. Also states that Rs.2lkh would be given as ex-gratia to the family of a migrant labourer who dies in some other state.

  11. MSP for the pulses grown in the state.

  12. 4G internet services across the states, in all towns and villages.


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