BJP MP's car attacked in Hooghly amidst polling

  • BJP MP Locket Chatterjee's car was attacked, along with those of a few others from the press, by a mob of angry locals in polling booth No.66, in Bengal's Hooghly district. This came as 44 seats of Bengal voted on Saturday.

  • A video circulating on social media shows the group of men and women, attacking the car of the BJP MP and shouting slogans in Bengali, as the security forces try to stop them

  • "They've broken my car... am at booth No 66. They grabbed my jacket and attacked my car... I've also been hurt by pieces of glass. Then they media persons to get out of their cars and beat them," Chatterjee told an election official via a phone call.

  • Chatterjee wa previously an MP from Hooghly constituency. However, she is currently a standing MLA for the current assembly elections.


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