BJP, CPIM Alleged Obstruction by TMC in Submitting Nominations for West Bengal Municipal Polls

  • The Trinamool Congress has won two municipalities, Sainthia and Budge Budge, without a contest, just days after demonstrations over candidate polls. Elections to 108 municipalities in West Bengal will be placed on February 27 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with candidates having till February 9 to file their nominations.

  • The Bharatiya Janata Party claims that its candidates were unable to file nominations in various wards in several municipalities across the state, including Dinhata, Bolpur, and Taki. The TMC side, on the other hand, maintains that the opposition, including the BJP, is making similar accusations because its candidates were not found there.

  • TMC allegedly hindered BJP candidates from filing nomination papers, according to the BJP. In reaction, the Trinamool leadership stated that if such events occurred, they were not good, and questioned the BJP's organizational strength in West Bengal.

  • There was a lot of doubt over the BJP's candidate list until Tuesday night, when the party's state leadership requested that the list of all the mayoral candidates be submitted to the district and announced. However, the BJP district leadership did not obtain the list of candidates for certain municipalities until Tuesday night. However, the saffron camp claims that the TMC has obstructed BJP candidates from registering nominations in many municipalities.


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