Bizarre rules and bans in North Korea

• Korea has only 3 government run channels; it has a tight control over its media.

• Founder and former president Kim II-sung died on the 8th of June, people are not allowed to dance, drink, or even smile on that day.

• If one person commits a crime in North Korea, the next three generations of the person are sent to prison.

• Blue jeans have been banned in the country since it believed that blue jeans were a symbol of US imperialism.

• If you fall asleep during a meeting with Kim Jong-Un you will get executed.

• Anyone found possessing bible or pornography will get death penalty as punishment.

• For the elections of mayor, provincial governors or local assemblies, people have only one candidate to choose from.

• Men have only 28 haircuts to choose from and unmarried women are supposed to keep their hair short while married women have a lot of option to choose from.

• Punishments were toughened for people found possessing videos made in South Korea in December 2020.

• Internet in North Korea can be surfed only via their intranet called ‘Kwangmyong’.


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