Billionaire barber has over 400 luxury cars

• The billionaire barber in Bengaluru is said to be the owner of over 400 luxury cars.

• Ramesh Babu said, “I have collected these from many cities and countries over 24 years and added some here when we started the office three years ago.”

• Losing his father in 1979 made a huge impact on Babu and his family.

• His father left him a salon in Brigade Road which was taken care of by his uncle after his father’s death. Babu’s uncle used to pay him Rs.5 for each day’s work.

• Babu took up a newspaper delivery job at the age of 13 while continuing his studies. It was in his pre-university years when he took over the salon full time.

• In order to renovate the salon, Babu used his family’s savings and even hired two worker to run the place.

• Ramesh realized the potential of having a high end automobile rental service and began building his business.

• It was in mid 2000s when Babu got an offer from Mercedes India to buy a model. That is where his collection began from.

• Ramesh Tours & Travels now has over 400 cars including a BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce Ghost.


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