Big Bang not the start and the end, states Nobel Laureate Sir Penrose

  • The recently awarded Nobel Laureate in Physics, Sir Robert Penrose disagreed with the fact that our current universe is the beginning and the end of life and cosmos.

  • He states that by no means is this universe the first one to come into existence and certainly wouldn’t be the last one.

  • In one of his theories of ‘Conformal Cyclic Cosmology’ (CCC), that he presented in 2005, he laid down the theory that this current universe is one in the billions of years of various universes.

  • Sir Penrose further states that the universes are a cycle of birth and death, that are hinged by black holes.

  • His theory further lays down that the universe keeps on expanding and mass keeps on decaying, there would be a Big Bang for another cycle. This he states as his ‘crazy theory’.


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