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BIG: 5G launch in India

  • What: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched 5G in India, specifically in select cities at the moment.

  • How: The launch took place at the India Mobile Congress in Delhi. Airtel has confirmed that it will roll out 5G in eight cities starting today. Jio will bring 5G to select cities first, and plans to cover the entire country by 2023.

  • What is 5G: 5G is the next generation of mobile communication networks, which is supposed to offer much faster speeds and wider use cases than 4G. It is being said that 5G is also set to specifically revolutionise cloud gaming in the country, along with AR/VR technology, Internet of Things.

  • PM Modi's statement: At the launch, PM Modi spoke about the benefits of 5G in India and how the service will help the country's technological revolution. He also spoke about key pillars that will support the Digital India movement, including the need for affordable technology and a widespread network.