Biden speaks up on rising Gun violence

  • President Joe Biden made a ground-breaking statement on the increasing number of gun violence incidents in United States.

  • "This is an epidemic, for God's sake, and it has to stop," Mr.Biden said, calling shootings "a public health crisis."

  • Further he stated that enough prayers were done and now it was time for some considerable action.

  • Biden also announced six executive measures which would help curb gun violence. However the Republicans immediately attacked him by warning of “unconstitutional overreach.”

  • Biden's six measures included a proposed rule to "stop proliferation of ghost guns," as firearms built from home kits are known. The White House says these homemade weapons are especially of concern because they have no serial numbers and cannot be traced after being used in crimes.

  • Notably there are not many enthusiastic supporters of banning of the powerful weapons like the AR-15,even as more than 40,000 people die of gun violence yearly.


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