Biden likely honing down on four candidates for Supreme Court nomination

  • President Joe Biden appears to be limiting his choice of Supreme Court nominees, saying he's considering four people, according to Democrats who met with him on Thursday. Biden wants a compelling nominee in the manner of retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.

  • In an interview with NBC on Thursday, Biden said the White House is looking into the candidates' backgrounds to see if there's anything that would disqualify them. Biden stated that his nomination will be a black woman, and that he will make his decision before the end of February.

  • According to Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, one of the committee members who attended the meeting, he told the senators, many of whom were his former colleagues, that he wants to nominate a woman in the mould of Breyer who will not only be able to persuade her colleagues but will also write stirring, compelling, and lasting arguments.

  • Biden will meet with candidates soon, according to the senators. The conversation was part friendly and light, half serious, according to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Ill., as the president prepares to make history by selecting the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.


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