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Biden heads for key NATO Meet

  • As President Joe Biden advances his 8- day European tour further, the next stop of his trip is Brussels Military airport where he is scheduled to meet the heads of Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

  • “I will make it clear that the United States’ commitment to our NATO alliance and Article 5 is rock solid,” Mr. Biden told U.S. troops in the United Kingdom last week on the first stop of his eight-day European trip. “It’s a sacred obligation.” The White House said the communique to be signed by alliance members at the end of the NATO summit is expected to include language about updating Article 5 to include major cyber attacks — a matter of growing concern amid a series of hacks targeting the U.S. government and businesses around the globe by Russia-based hackers.

  • Article 5 states that an attack on any member will be considered as an attack on all of theme. And it’s to be met with a collective response.

  • Mr. Biden is focused on building a more cohesive bond between America and allies who had become wary of U.S. leadership after enduring four years of Mr. Trump’s name-calling and frequent invectives about the relevance of multilateral alliances like NATO.

  • Mr. Biden will also meet Turkey’s president Erdogan on June 14.


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