Biden admin turns back Haiti immigrants

  • After Haiti's situation worsened due to the recent devastating earthquake along with the ongoing political turmoil, several Haiti nationals tried to flee to the USA

  • While the Biden administration had come in power on the principles of diversity and inclusivity however pictures of turning back of Haiti immigrants proves otherwise

  • US patrol agents on horseback chased down migrants, which drew international attention

  • Notably, the US Homeland secretary has defended his countries action of deporting the Haiti nationals stating the Title 42

  • Under Title 42, people who attempt to cross the border are returned to Mexico or deported to their home countries without an opportunity to test asylum claims.

  • Although the Biden administration had stopped the rule from applying to children yet several children were deported

  • The US envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, resigned last week in protest at what he called the Biden administration’s “inhumane” mass deportation of Haitian migrants and asylum seekers to their home country.


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