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Bhutan vaccinated almost all its citizens in 2 weeks, here’s how

• 2020 government data showed that Bhutan had a chronic shortage of healthcare, with only 376 doctors in the total health workforce of nearly 6,000. Now, the country of 763,000 people is said to be an unlikely success story.

• The De-sung Integrated Training Program, also known as the “Guardian of Peace”, the desuups were responsible for implementing COVID-19 safety protocols such as mask-wearing and social distancing.

• Local news showed desuups walking for days on end to take the vaccines for people living in higher altitudes.

• A Bhutanese Cultural Preservation Analyst, Mende Thuji Yangden stated, “They also monitored inter-district travel and collected data. They are truly the unsung hero.”

• A senior independent journalist in Bhutanese capital Thimphu stated, “[Especially in a country like ours] with a shortage of expertise as well as facilities. I believe we weighed our pros and cons well and charted our path forward informed by research and science.”

• Former Bhutanese ambassador to the UN said that Bhutan may have a shortage of doctors, but it has never affected our health care system. COVID-19 was managed on a war footing after recognizing the potential devastation that it would have on our small population.”


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