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Bhima Koregaon case accuse Rona Wilson demands for SIT probe

  • On Thursday the accused of Bhima Koregaon blast Rona Wilson moved to the Bombay High court for seeking the quashing of the FIR against him in the case.

  • The FIR (First Information Report) and the charge sheet filed by the NIA are based on the forensic report.

  • Later he demands for an SIT (special investigation Team) investigation in this case. He wants an expert's analysis on the digital forensic probe that alleged him involved in pre-planning of violence strategy that has been proved by the document reveals his role in the Bhima Koregaon blast case took place in 2018.

  • Wilson has also sought before the Bombay High court to quash the FIR against him. According to him, the charge sheet is filed to defame him and this is malicious.

  • The petition filed after the release of the report sent by the US-based forensic company that states, " the computer used by the accused Wilson in the pre-planning of violence were seized by the Pune police and was later attacked by Malware. This petition was filed by US forensic firm American Bar association (ABA) after the Ronal Wilson lawyer's appeal.


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