Beedi roller in Kerala donated 2 Lakh for Covid Relief Fund

• A differently abled man who works as a beedi roller donated his entire life’s savings to the chief minister’s disaster relief fund (CMDRF) to bankroll vaccines for those who could not afford it.

• Last week Janardhanan, a native of Kuruva in Kannur district, went to the local branch of his bank last week and donated 2 Lakhs out of his savings account to the CMDRF, leaving just ₹850 in his account.

• Janardhanan said, “When I heard in the news on TV that the vaccine would be sold to the state at ₹400/dose in turn becoming a major burden for the state government, I knew that I couldn’t stand and watch. That night, I could not sleep. The next day, I went to the bank. I felt relieved only after donating the money.”

• Janardhanan has been working as a beedi roller since the age of 13. His wife passed away last year. He said that he wished to live a solitary life with privacy, and hence did not want anyone to know about his act of charity.


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