Barbados gets its own President. Tap to know why

  • Barbados ditched the English Queen Elizabeth as a head of state and chose its first-ever president

  • The Island-state of Barbados busted with joy and happiness after it was transformed into a republic state by electing Sandra Mason, as the island’s first president first president

  • Prime Minister Mia Mottley the face of the national movement declared pop-singer Rihanna as the national hero

  • Prince Charles the heir of Queen Elizabeth extended congratulations and wishes to the island nation saying that the creation of the republic offers a new beginning

  • Activist David Denny celebrated the creation of the republic but said he opposes the visit by Prince Charles since The British empire benefitted from the slave trade in Barbados

  • African slave trades were brought to Barbados and employed in the tea plantation which earned fortunes for the English

  • Till present times countries like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom are part of the British commonwealth and do not have an elected head of state


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