Bank employee from Rajasthan shot dead in Kashmir

  • What: A bank manager, Vijay Kumar from Rajasthan's Hanumangarh was shot dead by suspected militants in South Kashmir’s Kulgam on Thursday. He was an employee of the Ellaqui Dehati Bank (EDB).

  • Police response: The J&K Police tweeted“Terrorists fired upon a bank employee (manager) at Ellaqie Dehati Bank at Areh Mohanpora in Kulgam district. He received grievous gunshot injuries in this terror incident. He is a resident of Hanumangarh Rajasthan. Area cordoned off. Further details shall follow."

  • Background: The killing of the bank manager has come days after a woman teacher from Jammu was shot dead on Tuesday outside her school in the Gopalpora village of Kulgam and despite heightened security in the Valley for protection of the employees from outside Kashmir and belonging to the minority community.


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