Bail orders will be sent instantly to jail authorities: SC

  • The Supreme Court has made serious efforts to decongest prisons in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • As the second wave of incarceration erupted, the court turned a humanitarian eye to the nearly four lakh people crammed into overcrowded prisons.

  • A bench led by Chief Justice Ramana had already directed the police to limit arrests during the epidemic in order to avoid jail overcrowding.

  • The bench further encouraged judges not to issue detention orders on a purely mechanical basis in situations involving sentences of less than or equal to seven years in jail.

  • It had instructed High-Powered Committees to examine detainees and release them on temporary bail in most states and union territories.

  • 'FASTER,' or 'Fast and Secure Transmission of Electronic Records,' is the name of the new method.

  • The Supreme Court would send bail and other orders to jail officials, district courts, and High Courts in an instant, immediately, securely, and electronically.


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