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Baby handed to US troops in Afghanistan airport chaos still missing

• The 2-month old baby who was seen being handed over to the US troops amidst Afghanistan airport chaos is said to be still missing. • Sohail Ahmadi has been missing since 19th August and his refugee family, who has now been relocated to Texas, is distraught.

• The family had boarded a plan bound for Qatar to the US.

• Mirza Ali Ahmadi along with his wife Suraya were at the Kabul airport with their five children after Taliban took control over Afghanistan. Fearing that their 2-month old son would get crushed in the chaos, the family handed him over to the US troops over the fence and hoped to get him once they reached the entrance which was only a few feet away but upon reaching they discovered that Sohail was nowhere to be found.

• Mirza Ali worked for 10 years as a security guard at the US embassy. • The family desperately asked the officials about their baby only to be told that he must have been taken to some place safe by the troops but the baby has not been found still.