Baba Ramdev issued notice by Delhi HC over allopathy remarks

  • For his statements on allopathy, the Delhi High Court issued an official notice to yoga teacher Swami Ramdev on Friday afternoon. physicians' handling of Covid-19 instances, Swami Ramdev criticized.

  • Swamiji Ramdev was sent with a notice by the Delhi High Court for "promoting disinformation" against allopathy and allopathic medical professionals. In all likelihood, the issue will be heard on August 10.

  • Afterwards, Swami Ramdev withdrew his comments when a video clip of the remark went viral on the internet. Video shows him criticizing some of the medications used to treat Covid-19, claiming that "hundreds of people have died after taking allopathic medicines for Covid-19.".

  • The physicians' groups reacted angrily to the statements, and Harsh Vardhan, then the Union Health Minister, urged him to retract the statement, calling it "extremely unfortunate".

  • In a defamation notice, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) demanded an apology from Swami Ramdev within 15 days, failing which it threatened to seek compensation of Rs 1,000 crore from the yoga guru.


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