Baba ka Dhaba owner apologises to YouTuber

• Kanta Prasad, owner of Baba Ka Dhaba has accused YouTuber Gaurav Wasan of cheating.

• Wasan was accused of misappropriating the money he received as donation to help out the owner and his wife.

• It was Wasan’s video of Baba Ka Dhaba that has brought viral attention to the couple. They became famous overnight and people from all corners of Delhi came to eat and donate money to the couple.

• It was with the help of that money that Prasad was able to settle his debts and buy things like smartphones for his family and himself.

• Prasad, in an Instagram video, recently stated that Wasan was not a thief and that he never claimed that he was one.

• Prasad was seen folding his hands and saying, “I made a mistake by saying ‘I didn’t call him, but he approached us himself’, I would like to apologise”.


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