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Australian Senator raises issue of far-right extremism

  • Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) senator David Shoebridge raised the issue of Hindu nationalism and threat posed by far-right Hindu organisations.

  • The state senator in a statement said “How did Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), right-wing Hindu organisation that is considered a military extremist religious organisation by the CIA, find themselves in New South Wales public schools?”

  • The remarks came in the background of recent attack by members of far-right Hindu extremists body on a group of Sikh individuals.

  • Shoebridge stated “The most recent attack that I’ve heard of, which was again at Harris Park and again as recently as Sunday night, was where four young men from the Sikh community were celebrating. In fact, they got a new car, and then it was smashed. They were stopped on the street, and it was smashed. In the course of the assault, I understand, that the assailants identified the reason they were smashing was because of the occupants being from the Sikh community. And it came from a far-right extremist political position.”

  • Notably he states that such extremism has no place in successful , vibrant and multicultural nation like Australia.


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