Aus PM Morrison meets PM Modi

  • In a major development, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison met PM Modi, a boost to the bilateral ties of the two countries. This comes as the ties between the two nations were upgraded to a comprehensive strategic partnership level in 2020

  • At a media briefing, Shringla said Morrison expressed understanding of India’s position on the Ukraine issue. There was serious concern about the ongoing conflict and humanitarian situation in Ukraine and both Modi and Morrison emphasised the need for cessation of hostilities and violence in Ukraine, Shringla said.

  • it. “We will also discuss a range of regional and multilateral issues, including the situation in Ukraine and its implications for the Indo-Pacific, and Myanmar,” the Australian prime minister had said in a statement.

  • Further, both nations gave a call for an inclusive Indo-Pacific region. Morrison said that the crisis in Ukraine should not take away the focus from Indo-Pacific


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