August 7th to be celebrated as National Javelin Day

• It was on 7th August that Neeraj Chopra created history at the Tokyo Olympics by winning a gold medal in athletics.

• The day will now be celebrated as National Javelin Day by AFI (Athletic Federations of India).

• Lalit Bhanot, the chairman of AFI’s planning commission stated, “To encourage javelin throw pan-India, we will celebrate August 7 as National Javelin Day and from next year onwards our affiliated units will hold javelin competitions in their respective states.”

• After hearing this Neeraj Chopra said, “I am feeling good that the AFI is making my achievement to be remembered in the days to come. I will be happy id my achievement becomes a reason to inspire the youngsters of this country to take athletics, especially Javelin. If the children are getting javelin and other facilities, I hope they will become and take up the sport and I will be happy to cheer for them and they can be the future medal winners.”


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