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At least 100 UFOs swarmed navy warships, confirms crew

What: In July 2019, several ships were swamped by unidentified flying objects witnessed by sailors on board a fleet of Navy warships sailing off the Southern California coast. The incident, which involved craft hovering and swooping close to the fleet while flashing lights, carried on for several hours before happening repeatedly throughout the entire month. The Deputy Director for Naval Intelligence said he was "fairly convinced" the objects were drones as part of the Navy's attempt to minimise the situation.

However, according to crew members from the ships who spoke to documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, the swarms of "at least 100" UFOs have extraordinary powers much beyond those of conventional drones. Although the craft's origins and origin are still unclear, witnesses claim that the way it flew, current known drone technology could never achieve that.

When: The Navy this week revealed more videos of craft swarming the USS Russell on July 30, 2019.

What’s next: Filmmaker corbell demands the answer to the fundamental question which is ‘who are the controllers of these units?’He claimed that if the Government is unable to answer, this will be the biggest intelligence failure.