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Assocham requests govt to remove custom duty on copper concentrate

  • Indian industry body Assocham has asked the Government of India to remove the customs duty from copper concentrate.

  • It will provide a level-playing field and would help the industry compete with imports of value-added copper products from free trade agreement (FTA) countries.

  • Copper concentrate is the basic raw material used in the copper industry.

  • Presently, the copper industry has to pay 2.5% customs duty on the concentrate.

  • "Given the non-availability of copper concentrate in India, there is no economic rationale to continue with import duty on copper concentrate and it is submitted to reduce customs duty on copper concentrate from 2.5% to nil. This will enable us to have a level playing field and compete with imports of value-added copper products, from FTA countries under Nil duty," Assocham suggested before the budget.


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