Assad set for a fourth presidential tenure

  • On Saturday Syrian President Bashar Assad took the oath for his fourth presidential term. Each presidential term lasts for 7 years.

  • Syria- a war torn country has 80 percent to the population below the poverty line. Moreover the currency is in a free fall, with essential commodities available at exorbitant prices.

  • Tensions began back in the days of Arab Spring of 2011 when protests against the establishment had started to erupt.

  • Notably the elections were symbolic with only two candidates contesting against Assad. Assad is said to have garnered 96 percent votes in a turnout of about 78 percent.

  • Syria which is supported by Iran and Russia has been isolated by the west. European and US officials have raised doubts over the transparency of the elections saying that it violated UN norms, since it hasn’t appointed the international observers.


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