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Arunachal Pradesh tops sex ratio index

  • Arunachal Pradesh topped the sex ratio index in the country with a ratio of 1084 females born per thousand males.

  • The report titled “Vital statistics of India based on the Civil Registration System” has been published by the Registrar General of India. Sex ratio at birth is number of females born per 1,000 males.

  • Manipur recorded the worst sex ratio with an index of 757 females per thousand males. Further states like Haryana and Delhi saw an improvement by recording a sec ratio of 914 and 929 respectively.

  • Jammu and Kashmir recorded 952 female births followed by Nagaland (965), Kerala (963),Mizoram (964), Karnataka(957).

  • Data from Six states namely Bihar, Jharkhand , Maharashtra, Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal was not available, the report mentioned.


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