Article 19 (1)A is not a licence to hurt the religious sentiments

  • · A single-judge bench of justice Chandra Dhari Singh of Allahabad High Court while hearing a case of Mohommad Nadeem Vs State of U.P, Justice said " Freedom of speech and expression is not an absolute license to hurt the religious feelings of others '.

  • · Justice added " the fundamental rights of Indian Constitution of Article 19 (1) A is not a licence to create enmity, hatred or to provoke communal dispute".

  • The anticipatory bail of the accused MohommadNadeed was cancelled. The accused is charged under FIR of IPC section 153 and section 438 Cr.P.C. He was arrested in offence of using his fundamental right of article 19(1)A to provoke Muslims on the issue of demolition of Babri masjid. He intended to create communal dispute.


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