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Apple Watch saves man’s life in Washington

• Bob Burdett was mountain biking at the Riverside State Park in Spokane, Washington when he fell from his bikes and hit his head on the ground.

• Burdett is said to have been knocked unconscious from the impact and while nobody saw him fall, an ambulance had arrived at the scene in minutes and took him to the Providence Sacred Heart Medical Centre all thanks to his Apple Watch.

• His Apple Watch had activated an emergency feature, dialing 911.

• The local emergency responders stated that it was the first instance of a watch doing that in Spokane.

• The watch alerted Burdett’s son too immediately.

• All thanks to the watches’ fall detection functionality that is said to detect a hard fall while wearing the watch, sounding an alarm. The watch makes the emergency call after it detects that the wearer has been immobile for over a minute.