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Apex court dismisses the plea for imposing Article 356 in UP

  • On Monday the Chief Justice of India (CJI) S.A Bobde dismissed the petition filed by advocate CR Jayasukin demands to impose the president's rule in Uttar Pradesh.

  • The advocate Jayasukin filed this plea in Supreme court on the ground of rising in crime and discrimination between the minorities and majorities in the state. In the petition, the Hathrus gang rape incident was highlighted by putting allegation on the UP government and police-involved in Unlawful activities. The petition also claims that the emergency must be imposed to save the lives of 20 crore people in the state.

  • However, the CJI has dismissed this plea and questioned the petitioner " on what ground the petitioner has filed this plea against the UP government? There is no such strong evidence proving the ground of the petition, How can the petitioner say that Uttar Pradesh administration is a threat to the lives of people? The petitioner is liable to pay a hefty cost for filing the petition on the false ground”.