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Anti-Cow Slaughter Bill passed in Karnataka Assembly

  • The BJP led government finally managed to pass the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Act in the Legislative Council. Karnataka’s Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa performed a ‘Gou Puja’ at his residence to celebrate on Tuesday.

  • Prabhu Chavan, Animal Husbandry Minister had tabled the bill in the Vidhan Parishad. The Council currently is running without a chairman as the previous chairman Pratapchandra Shetty had resigned from his position on February 4th.

  • The BJP has managed to secure itself the Deputy Chairman’s seat on February 2nd and that is why the empty chair suited the BJP to table the bill.

  • BJP Council Whip Mahantesh Kumantgi stated “There is no question of the interim chairman, whoever is on the seat takes responsibility for the proceedings of the House. The bill was tabled and there was a thorough discussion on it too. Both the Congress and the JD(S) members were given a chance to debate. Only after that, it was passed through a voice note.”

  • The BJP had only 28 MLCs present at the House while the Congress and JD(S) collectively had 31 MLCs at the time of the voting.