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Anna Hazare cancels protest plan after meeting Fadnavis

  • Social activist Anna Hazare who earlier decided to carry out a hunger strike from January 30 in support of protesting farmers but on Friday he called off his decision of hunger strike after meeting BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis and union minister of state for agriculture, Kailash Chaudhary.

  • The social activist said, "this decision to withdraw the hunger strike after the union minister for agriculture has ensured Hazare that he will set up a committee that will include ministers and members of NITI Aayog to look after the matter and take the decision to resolve the issue between the government and protesting farmers peacefully.

  • According to Hazare the message from the union minister for agriculture and other BJP leaders including Fadnavis have ensured him to find a way to resolve the matter and Hazare has raised 15 points to ministers on which committee will think and decide.