Anger over Goa Court’s ruling in the Tejpal case

• In 2013 the former editor-in-chief of Tehelka Magazine had allegedly sexually assaulted a colleague. An email had been sent by him to the victim titled “Atonement” in which he acknowledged and apologized for his actions after the incident. He was arrested in November 2013 and was incarcerated for seven months before being granted bail by the Supreme Court.

• The court, during ruling said that it had observed certain contradictions in the survivor’s description of the aftermath of the assault. The court stated that such glaring contradictions cannot be expected from educated journalist. The court further went on the say that because of the “contradictions” it does not believe the incident of rape, and hence ruled that the accused would be aquitted.

• The ruling and statement made by the court has led to social media users feeling angry, especially women.

• Many women have tweeted after hearing about the ruling in the Tejpal case that if they are ever raped or sexually assaulted, they will never report it.

• According to many, the judge kept talking and pointing about what the prosecutrix (victim) did, not focusing on the alleged assaulter’s actions.

• One user tweeted that the acquittal of Tarun Tejpal shows how each sexual assault case turns into one women’s unending fight against a chain of hostile legal, social, and judicial systems.


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