Andhra Pradesh withdraws the three capitals bills. Read all details

  • In a surprise and a major move, the Andhra Pradesh government on Monday withdrew its decision of the three capitals. The cabinet, which met at the assembly complex during the recession, resolved to repeal the three bills.

  • In an aim to decentralise administration, Jagmohan Reddy led government had in January 2020 tabled three bills.

  • These three bills proposed to make Kurnool in Rayalaseema region as judicial capital, Visakhapatnam in north Andhra region as executive capital and Amaravati in coastal region as legislative capital.

  • The government had proposed to shift the High court and all judicial institutions to Kurnool, and shifting the administration and legislation to Vishakapatnam and Amravati respectively.

  • The move was opposed by all opposition parties and the farmers who gave their lands in land pooling system to establish capital of Amravati.

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