Amul proposes ban on PETA

• Valamji Humbal, Amul’s vice chairman requested PM Modi to ban PETA after the animal rights NGO urged Amul to capitalize on the rising readiness among conscious consumers to make a switch to vegan mil and food.

• On 1st June, Humbal told the PM, “Dairy sector is an important contributor to the GDP of India, but the GDP can be affected adversely by misinformation spread by opportunistic elements like this NGO. Organizations like his are part of the conspiracy to render unemployed the milk producers of India.”

• Humbal further added that PETA’s actual motive is to help multinational companies that are producing synthetic milk.

• Humbal also insisted that the 10 crore citizens who are a part of the dairy industry do not indulge in any cruelty towards animals.

• Dr. Manilal Valliyate, PETA India’s CEO stated, “Amul has shown itself to be a bully, unable to appreciate the public’s concern for animals and a business that apparently cannot change despite changing consumer trends. But no amount of bullying is going to change the fact: vegan eating is taking the world by storm.”


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