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On phone tapping case, Amit Shah demands an explaination

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday questioned that how did the phone call between two Bengal BJP leaders, became public. The leaking of the call has unleashed a new political storm.

  • He stated that the party has demanded an explaination in writing. He added that here is no tapping even for transfer. "The question is who tapped it and how did it happen, " said Shah.

  • The call, which was released by the rival TMC, was between BJP leader Shishir Bajoria and the party's troubleshooter Mukul Roy. The call involved Mukul Roy asking Shishir Bajria to include a list of items to be raised before the Election Commission, one of which was a specific demand regarding polling booth agents.

  • The call involves Roy asking the BJP leader to request the EC to pass administrative orders permitting any voter anywhere in Bengal to be booth agents at any booth in the state. Otherwise, the party may not be able to field agents in many areas.

  • The Commission in a reponse stated that such responses belittle the integrity of a constitutional body and ordered an investigation into it. Reportedly, it was only a week before the elections that it allowed Bengal voters to be booth agents anywhere in the state.


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