Amid allegations on Modi, Sri Lankan official steps down

  • What: Amid allegations by a former Sri Lankan official that the country’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had asked him to award a 500-megawatt renewable energy project to the Adani Group due to pressure from Prime Minister, has stepped down from his post.

  • Why: The move is notable primarily because of the fact that the Indian government has come out to the rescue of the crisis-stricken Sri Lankan government. And as ties are increasing towards cooperation in other areas it is possible that this is one of the many reasons

  • What next: Rajapaksa first tweeted a denial that he had interfered in the process, then later, in a longer statement, while “vehemently denying” influencing anybody in awarding the project, he “categorically stated that he had not at any time given authorisation to award a wind power project in Mannar to any person or any institution”.

  • What to expect: It needs to be seen how the Sri Lankan react to this statement as many o the country's leaders have been accused of corruption and driving the country to ruin


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