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American women travelling to Mexico for abortion medication

What: Roe v. Wade, a landmark 1973 ruling that provided federal constitutional protections of abortion rights for American women, was recently overruled by the United States Supreme Court, and this has caused a rapid change in the availability of abortion services.

Numerous women seeking care have started looking outside of Texas and other states including Mexico. By September 2021, abortion was no longer illegal in Mexico. As a result of Texas' stricter restrictions regarding medication abortions as well as abortions in general, they claimed they started to receive a lot more calls from Texans. Women in Mexico were already receiving assistance from feminist organisations to obtain the two-pill medication abortion regimen. Moreover, it is less expensive. Women in the United States can receive abortion pills via mail or by going to Mexico. Calls to the organisations that sell these medications have increased tenfold.

When: Roe v Wade was overturned on 24 June 2022 by US Supreme Court.

What’s next: The largest obstacle for Americans seeking assistance in Mexico is language. Additionally, opponents of abortion are trying to restrict Texas residents from receiving abortion medication.


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